1. I need a short info about zoebulkSMS?
A. proceed to

2. What are the services available with you?
A. Please visit our website:

3. From where can I get listed to use zoebulkSMS  services?

4. What is the range of zoebulkSMS coverage area?
A. Our coverage spans over 600 networks in 200 in addition to countries over the world.

5. Can I send note to any person for my merchandise advertisement or any such purpose?

A. Yes, you can use our website for your promotion by dispatching messages to your customers as well.

6. Can I use this service for dispatching notes on my products or services info, advertisement or any such purpose to my customers or proposing customers?
A. Yes, you can. This service is meant for you.

7. What is sender ID? How do I set them?
A. Before you start dispatching SMS, you need to set your title or number which would be brandished on the receiver's wireless telephone. You can set any number or title (not more then 11 individual features) such as your GSM ID which pertains to you. The mailer ID can be set in the mailer tab of our web interface or desktop submission.

8. Can I send SMS with alphanumeric mailer id?
A. Yes, you can send SMS with an alphanumeric sender id except to CDMA wireless because they do not support alphanumeric sender id.

9. Can I send special characters in SMS?
A. Yes, you can send any exceptional feature of a US Keyboard.

10. What are the fee procedures sustained by zoebulkSMS ?
A. We currently accept money  payments into our bank account.

11. What is your fee mode?
A. Pre Paid and Post Paid fee modes are accessible.

12. What is the smallest SMS credit?
A. The smallest SMS credit you can buy is 1000 SMS credits @ N3.20 per SMS. i.e. N3,200 for endusers
and 1000 SMS @ N3.00 per SMS. ie N3,000 for resellers

13. Why do messages at times get delayed coming to their place visited?
A. There are numerous reasons for delaying,it may be either that the receiver has swapped off his or her Mobile or the wireless is out of variety.

14. If I have set my mobile number as sender id will the messages sent displaying my number be charged against my account with my mobile operator?

A. No the accounts will be charged against the credits that would be provided by zoebulkSMS.

15. Why do I need a username and password with my zoebulkSMS Account?
A. Your password holds your zoebulkSMS account absolutely private and personal. The password guarantees that you are the only one sending notes from your account. Except of course you share such privilege with somebody

16. What can I do if I forget my password?
A. Simply inform us and upon verification that you are the rightful account owner, your password would be sent to you.

17. What occurs when my message encounters a switched off phone?
A. When the system tries to deliver your message to a phone number which is switched off or out of range the message will remain in the network for one time. As soon as the phone comes in range that note will be delivered to it.

18. Is there any limitation to the allowance of notes I send?
A. No, there is no limitation on the allowance of notes you send. Note however that the allowance of notes you can send is only restricted by the credit balance of your account on zoebulksms.

19. How quickly are notes delivered?
A. Your notes are delivered to the phones as soon as you send them.Although, depending on the volume of sent demands, there could be some delay. Messages are delivered on a first come, first served basis.

20. How do I contact technical support?
A. If you have questions e-mail us at 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on:08106379090,08064692133

21. How do I check my balance/credits?
A. To check the balance you have in your account do the following:-
1. Login to your account with your user-name and password.
2. click on compose note.
3. It will display the credit you have in your account.

22. How can I increase the number of messages I can send?
A. You can purchase more credits as and whenever you need.

23. How many messages can I send with my bundle?
A. You can send as many notes as your account balance permits. cash is ascribed for each SMS text note.