You can interface an application, website or scheme with our messaging entrance by using our very flexible HTTP API (Application Programming Interface) connection. Once you're connected, you'll be adept to deliver messages or ascertain your balance.

HTTP SMS API:;recipient=234809xxxxxxx,2348030000000&message=testing

API NAME :zoebulkSMS

API response on Success: OK

API Response confirmation: Contains


API Protocol: HTTP GET

Push to API as: Bulk

The parameters are:
1. recipient : The destination telephone figures. Separate multiple figures with comma(,)
3. username: Your account username
4. password: Your account password
5. mailer: The sender ID to show on the receiver's phone
6. note: The text note to be dispatched
7. balance: Set to factual only when you desire to check your borrowing balance
6. agenda: Specify this parameter only when you are arranging an SMS for later delivery. It should contain the date the note should be delivered. sustained format is "2010-10-01 12:30:00" i.e "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss"

The come back values are
2904=SMS Sending Failed
2905=Invalid username/password blend
2906=Credit tired
2907=Gateway unavailable
2908=Invalid schedule date format
2909=Unable to agenda
2910=Username is empty
2911=Password is empty
2912=Recipient is empty
2913=Message is empty
2914=Sender is empty
2915=One or more needed areas are empty
On achievement, the following cipher will be returned
OK 21 08066666666,08077777777,08088888888
i.e OK no of SMS credits utilised Gsm numbers that failed
where 21=no of SMS credits used
and 08066666666,08077777777,08088888888 are the 3 figures that failed


We also integrate API for existing bulksms sites into our very flexible HTTP API connection under 24hours with no set up cost. Get 10% units at your first recharge.